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Balsamic Vinegar

When in 1889 Balsamic Vinegar Mister first started to produce vinegar, he already had very clear in his mind the idea of the quality of the product. Even in those days vinegar was the fruit of the harmonious mix of quality wines, the dedication on man himself and suitable technology. Since those far off days, the vinegar factory has continued to improve and refine its production techniques without over loosing sight of its ties with the great Italian culinary traditions. The original barrels, with the beech wood shavings fermentation process, have now given way to modern vinegar-making methods using highly sophisticated apparatus, but nothing has been sacrificed regarding the patrimony of tradition and experience which has matured over the last hundred years or so. This hundred years of experience and passion, handed down from generation to generation, has now given life to the production of “Mister Balsamic Vinegar”. The products are obtained their special characteristics from the warmth of the Mediterranean sun and transmitted them to the vinegar itself, thus making sauces, marinades, salads and main course dishes particularly appetising. “Mister Balsamic Vinegar” is a noble product which enriches the taste of many types of food and giving it just that little extra “something”, without which many dishes would inevitably seem insipid and flat.

The Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Mister wisely comes and for long time grows in old stokes made by the esteemed woods, that develop typical scent of a superior product; this line, avaible in 500 ml and 250 ml formats in Marasca type of bottle, represents the most diffused product in all the sale points such as supermarkets, restaurants and the retails.